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A day in the life (Madison, WI)

by Nov 22 via iPhone

Are we still doing these? I don't really need to give you a full day in the life, but rather wanted to show off my workplace to you crazy people.

So this is what I see every day when I come into work. I work at a software company in Wisconsin and we've got some pretty creative buildings!! I'm in the wizarding campus (based off Harry Potter!!!) but we've also got a farm campus, a dungeons and dragons building, a wild Wild West building and more!!

This is the elevator I take up from the parking garage. It's really awesome.

The hallway I walk down every morning after grabbing my coffee is supposed to be a HUGE bookshelf. There's even a monster book of monsters!!

These are the stairs I take up to my office - I go out of my way to take this staircase because I love it that much. I love books (I'm a huge nerd) and this is the staircase of my dreams!! This bookshelf alone makes me want to come to work.

Dobby greets me every morning :) good thing I'm a Harry Potter fan!

So this is the elevator in our library building.

Somebody put a cut out in the elevator... it was promptly removed haha. I think it freaked too many people out having 6 eyes silently staring at you as the elevator opened

I had a meeting today in our "Wands" room. So creative.

Walking into the cafeteria on the way to our staff meeting today! It's based on kings cross! The food is also SO AMAZING.

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