A day in the farm life (winter edition) - HD pictures of our farm - 12/20/16 - Album on Imgur
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A day in the farm life (winter edition) - HD pictures of our farm - 12/20/16

by Dec 20

I just got a new camera so I decided to test it out and I'm impressed, so I decided to share some of my daily winter life with you. Check out the zoom on these! Pictured above is looking north at a couple of our machinery/implements and one of our buildings with the Sweetgrass Hills in the background.

Some fuel tanks and our little shop. We intend to build a new shop soon, but they aren't cheap... There's also another one of our quonsets behind the shop (old garage).

The area in the lower left corner used to be where the swingset/playground was for my nephews, but it was blown away during a microburst we had last year. - The storm did a few hundred thousand dollars worth of damage. Our combine isn't pictured because its still at the dealership from being fixed recently from a breakdown.

The large building near center was a multi-bin storage for grain, but the roof blew off and collapsed during the storm, so its basically scrap now. There's also four smaller grain bins pictured behind that, with more of the Sweetgrass Hills in the background. We'll eventually re-purpose the tin and some of the wood from that big building, but it takes a lot of time to dismantle something like that, so its not worth the time unless we need the materials.

Some of our little implements... from left to right: rock picker, bale lifter, little plow, mower, and rototiller, all used with our little tractor.

A couple of our grain bins that were damaged during the big wind & hail storm we had in 2015.

Looking south at a whole lot of frozen fields. In the foreground are some small lilac bushes that we planted a few years ago.

I tried a panoramic image (looking south) and it wasn't too bad!

This picture was taken from my driveway, looking at the main core of the farm buildings.

This is the little house I live in and the pickup I drive around locally. My car is in the shop at the moment.

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