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A day in the life

by 20d

So I thought I'd show some of my current daily life. I've enjoyed seeing others on this site so maybe you would too. Caution: Kinda boring.

I'm staying with my stepdad so I do most of the cooking. Today was french toast for brekkie.


Today was exciting because I went to see my niece. I took the bus and there was a mud splatter that looked like a moose. (I thought) Mildly interesting. I don't know anyone here in Edmonton, AB besides my stepdad and niece so any chance to visit her is great!

An artsy pic from a local park. It was around -18C (0F) so quite chilly. Very sunny and no breeze though.

Another of the snow.

Saw these little bird tracks on my way home. They were grouse, ten of them. Tried to video it but it was crappy. Still cool to see wild birds in the city.

Got home quite chilled so decided to stay in and sort through some more boxes. My mother passed away early December so I've got the task of sorting through Stuff. Most boxes look like this.

Or this. Completely random things all piled together.

This was my Mom.

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