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A day in the life of a southern Norwegian

by Dec 22

People kinda like these post, right? Anyway, decided to show my daily routine. I'm a 26-year old guy living in Kristiansand, Norway, which is the capital of southern Norway. As with most Norwegian cities it's nothing big. About 90 thousand people live here.

I usually wake up at 07:00am. I live in a rather old house, so the old wooden beams add a nice touch of detail to the room. This is my view from the bed.

First thing I do is check the weather the old fashioned way by looking out the window and... Right, this is Norway during the winter, so yeah, it's pitch black most of the time.

Let's try again with higher exposure. Here's my view. I live in the old part of the city, named Posebyen, which consist mostly of large white wooden houses. They are forming the longest continuous collection of wooden houses in northern Europe. Or so they say.

I prefer keeping breakfast quick and simple. A cup of coffee and some cereal is more than enough for me.

After that it's the usual wash and brush business before I leave the house. And get out of my pajamas, of course.

I enjoy listening to some music while I get ready, so this Bluetooth speaker is always sitting there. It's also nice to have while I watch stuff on my phone when I'm contemplating the meaning of life and how to solve all of the world's problems but not tell anyone. I'm also the type of guy who forgets to throw out his old toilet rolls...

At 08:00am it's about time to leave for work. It's still dark outside, but the streets are usually well lit. Though a lot of construction work is going on in the area.

Here's the Kristiansand Cathedral. It's one of the largest cathedrals in Norway, and a spot for tourists. also a popular place to get married. It looks better from the other side, but the entire square has been closed/blocked because they are building a giant underground parking lot. Fun fact: The Cathedral got thirteen (13) doors/entrances around the building. God knows what those old priests must have been up to back then that required so many doors...

Some Christmas decoration a shop has put up. A family of traditional Norwegian nisse. The dolls are all electronic so they all move, which is kinda cool to watch as you walk past.

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