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A Day in the Life of a US Marine stationed Overseas

by Nov 29 via iPhone

So first off, I'm a Marine, now before you get it twisted, I'm not the cool badass pew pew pew Marine. I'm a POG (pens over guns. Literally anyone not infantry.) I'm also not deployed. I'm stationed on a regular base. I do regular people things with my people friends. I live on that little dot that is blue. That's Iwakuni, Japan. So what's a daily life for someone like me who doesn't see combat? Well, here's the story.

I wake up in the morning just like everyone else but it's at like 5 am. For that glorious morning PT. Now, since I got first class scores on my fitness tests, I don't have to go to PT one day out of the five working days. This was the day I didn't go.

Now, before you judge me. Look at that adorable seal face. It's beautiful with a back story. Kind of. See, my significant other is not stationed near me. So it's been a long time of being separated. He got me a seal to cuddle instead of him.

After getting up though, I put on my uniform. Do the crazy hair bun thing that is slicked down perfectly and put on my boots. The red tag on it means I have an allergic reaction to medicine in case you were wondering.

So I'm ready and it's time to walk to work. That's what I'm doing. Walking. Some people have cars but I don't. It's kind of hard to get a car here. You need lots of paperwork and a SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) license. Also, if you get in an accident with a Japanese person, they blame the American, because we should know better.

This is the break area of where I work. Lots of times you get rained on. We also BBQ occasionally out here too as a shop.

That's breakfast. The chow hall is open at weird times and I'm usually at PT or getting ready for work so I don't have time to go. Instead, I just oatmeal up.

So this is where I kind of work. It's in my office. I'm a broadcaster. Yeah that's a job in the military. If you ever heard of AFN (American Forces Network) that's me. We do TV and radio for people stationed overseas because all there is...is Japanese TV. Now it's nice to see because you know, you learn the language but sometimes you just want to watch Game of Thrones in English and not buy HBO because it's not available in this country.

I'm an active Loot Crate junkie. I get them. Here's my little collection on my desk.

So these are some of the goofballs I work with. I'm in a shop with a lot of females. There's a lot of us. That's not the majority of the Marine Corps though. Statistically, we make up 7% of the USMC.

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