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A Day in the Life (Tunisia)

by Dec 27

Hi imgur! First OC here :D Well I live in Tunis (Capital of Tunisia -Northest point in Africa)! I wanted to share with you my day and discover if there is any Tunisian in here :D I just moved in, there is not much in the house, still in construction; this is where I sleep and spend most of my time!

The rest of it. The TV and the HDMI cable are for tv shows and movie time! You can see the boxes still unboxed :p I am waiting for the kitchen to be ready soon.

The kitchen! I bought most of the stuff, still I need a fridge and some other tools for cooking nights. I smoke a lot, you'll see a lot of ashtrays in my house. I don't use it yet, that is why I will be taking my coffee elsewhere till it is ready.

My PC or must I say: Gaming Gear :p I spend most of my time on it: working, playing or imguring! It's a good setup! All the ULTRA graphic is mine!

Morning is beauty time :3 shower and brush... all those stuff! I still did not buy a mirror!

That is why I use my broken car's rear mirror for shaving :3

This the bedroom (where I am supposed to sleep) I use it for changing and nothing else! It is still empty and cold!

Time to leave the house! This where I live: in the suburbs of Tunis! It is quiet and nice in here!

My home from outside! the top level!

Public transport is a pain in the ass in Tunis. I am one of the lucky ones that have a car! It is not mine, it's my father's! I've been driving this beauty since 2009 now.

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