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A day in the life of a Bostonian who works for Australians in the Philippines

by Dec 31

Good morning IMGUR. I'm not sure we are still doing this, but I want to share my day with you guys. I'm currently in the Philippines, been here for 10 years. I'm originally from Boston by way of Hawaii. Thats my dog Anna, she's partly a mini pinscher and partly a baby wookie. (Sorry for the partial selfie)

She sleeps alot when she's not out chasing cats or barking at everyone that passes by the house.

My day usually starts out with coffee. I'm not overly fond of eating in the mornings.

I collect Starbucks cups from places I've traveled to. These are just some of the cups that I have. I'm currently using my Asia collection.

I also collect shoes. Sneakers mostly. My dad thinks it insane. Hahaha! I put them in a different room in the house since I had no space for them in mine,

This is Matilda, she's an escape artist. She doesnt like being in the cage, I had to put plastic mesh around the cage because I caught her one time halfway out the cage. She was able to squish her head through one of the gaps in the bars but got stuck because she had a rotund belly.

These are her siblings, (L-R) Sparky, Frankie and Check. The black puppy at the back is Chubby and the one at the rightmost mostly covered by Matilda is Adam. I play with them at least an hour before I head off to work.

Off to work. My workday starts at 1pm, so I usually leave home at 11am. I usually factor in traffic and I just like being to work early. Driving here in the Philippines takes alot of skill and the patience of a saint. Public transport drivers here just basically know how to make their car go forwards and backwards. Most people have no idea how traffic signs work or what right of way is. Most private vehicle drivers here are aggressive drivers. Stopped at a petrol station to top up my gas tank.

Ugh... the usual traffic at the toll booth. I usually get stuck here for 10 - 15 minutes. The longest time I got stuck here in the tollbooth area was 30minutes. Alot of drivers do not have lane awareness nor do they know driving etiquette.

Yep. Bored. Been in the queue for almost 5 minutes now. No idea why the cars arent moving. It took me around 10 minutes to get past the tollbooth area.

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