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a day in the life of a san diegan (california dudddeee)

by Dec 23

my fiance and i just got ourselves a second boxer, his name is winston (taken from overwatch) and he's 8 weeks old. we've been sleeping in the living room because he's too little to climb up / down our stairs and our bedroom is too far from where he is being potty trained (aka we can't run up and down in the middle of the night when he has to pee). it's like a never ending sleepover! that's our 2 year old boxer, quorra (from tron), on the right of the screen. well it's her butt.

i am usually always late to work because i just can't help playing with them in the morning! this is them with their new phasma toy. they are still getting used to eachtother (winston's been with us a week now), so i'm constantly supervising them.

i have the absolute privilege of living in a good neighborhood in one of america's finest cities. i actually bought the house i grew up in from my dad last year! it's pretty incredible to live and one day raise my family in the same home i was raised in. ait was also realllly weird having sex in my parents bedroom ... ewww ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyways, today it is uncharacteristically gloomy and rainy. it's like this maybe 2-3 weeks a year...sometimes a month. personally i LOVE it. i wish we had more of this seattle weather. my car is the black 2016 civic. i've had a job since i was 16 (work permit) and have never been able to afford a new car. last year i got a promotion and finally saved up enough to buy one! i'm not a super fancy dude (and a civic isn't a super fancy car) but i wouldn't trade it for anything! well that's a lie...i do love me a porsche / classic mustang!

this is my favorite view on the way to work. it's not too far from my home. on a clear day you can see the ocean.

i always wake up so late i don't have time to make my own coffee, and i don't have one of the nice machines that you can program. plus...for some freakin reason i SUCK at making good coffee. i have no idea the ratio to use. any tips are welcome!!! anyways this is the little food mart i go to to grab some joe and a bit of breakfast.

i use way too much creamer and this amazing invention doesn't help any!

i have a pretty shity drive to work. with traffic it's about an hour to and 1.5 hours home. without traffic it honestly takes me about 20min. unfortunately there aren't any "pretty" landmarks or views on the drive. just a bunch of asshole californian drivers! lately i've been listening to books on tape (just finished one of the WoW novels) and have also really been into the giant bomb podcasts. those dudes are hilarious!

i work at 3 radio stations here in san diego. an alternative rock station 91X (killers, sublime, foo fighters, blink 182, etc.) ... a top 40 station Z90 (selina gomez, taylor swift, the chainsmokers) ... and an adult contemporary station Magic 92.5 (michael jackson, mariah carey, diana ross). my desk may look a bit cluttered and "busy" but everything on it has a special meaning. i try to be as comfortable as possible...it helps me work better. and yes, that is a mini dr. who TARDIS fridge :) bit about my work...i am absolutely obsessed with my job. it gives me the creative freedom to express who i am without fearing anyone making fun of me, as well as letting me go to a seemingly unlimited amount of concerts. i live and breath music and could never see myself doing anything else. i hope one day to work for a major label like capital records, wb, etc. each station has a very special place in my heart. 91X is my true personality. i love punk rock. anything from the classics like misfits, descendants, clash, etc. to newer stuff like FIDLAR, orwells, pup, etc. Z90 is the party station! they are always involved in cool parties like mardi gras downtown, random club nights throughout the city and other huge events like EDC and other festivals. i'm not that stuff as i was when i was younger (i'm 28) but its fun to live vicariously through the station. magic is where i get all my "feels" from. we do a TON of community work with this station, and there is nothing i love more than my city (except the obvious...family, friends and pups). we just got done with a huge promotion where we raised over $20,000 to spend on 12 lucky people. we paid their rent, repaired their homes / wheelchairs, bought toys for their children, etc. everytime someone came in to collect their stuff i had to hold back my tears.

another shot of my desk. this time from the outside. that's hector my marionette. and of course gotta have the dayman for president propaganda! plus two awesome band posters ... metric & silversun pickups.

usually to wake up a bit during work (and because today is the last day before our long christmas break) i like to watch some twitch and check the music news. today i was able to catch some of MOONMOON_OW's stream while listening to the new surprise christmas mixtape from chance the rapper (currently my favorite hip hop artist). other than music, gaming is my passion. i'm a huge gamer. lately i've been playing a shit ton of overwatch and i'm just about to start the last of us.

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