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A day in the life of an apprentice

by Nov 24

Well, it has been some time since I saw the last 'a day in the life of..', so I decided I might as well post one about me. I life in somewhere in Switzerland, for the sake of simplicity let's agree that it is in the suburbs of Zurich, which is technically wrong, but compared to other countries very well possible as it is just about 20 miles to the west of it. In Switzerland is everything really close together, so it doesn't take long to the next city.

I usually get up at 5.30 am, as the shower isn't occupied at that hour and I have my peace. Doesn't mean I like rising so fucking early, it's just easier to avoid everyone.

06.21 am 06.21 am

06.21 am

Swiss people like to start their day bright and early, which is rather annoying. At eight o' clock most stores will be opened, the companies will start their day and school starts. As today I have to go to school I need to catch the train 06.19 latest to get there on time. Today is not that day. I'll be late for once, as I missed my train and well, they don't exactly wait for you. I don't exactly live near the station ( a good 15 minutes walk), so I need to leave early enough. Well, let us just say, that I value a good coffee and it took too long to get it.

At least I can sit in this one At least I can sit in this one

At least I can sit in this one

Usually, you have to stand during rush hour, but due to taking another train I can sit for once.



Usually I listen to some music on the ride. As you can see in the top left corner it is already past eight and the first lesson started some time ago...

Usually you have to change trains two to four times to reach your destination. Today I have to get on three different trains.

Many people think Switzerland is just mountains and cows. Well let me tell you, there aren't mountains everywhere... Just about a third of Switzerland has the peaks, we have wide fields and hills. It looks like something like the shire, but without the nice hobbits and the calm life. But you got it right about the cows. There is a ton of them. Cows, cows freaking everywhere in summer.

The sun is rising. I'm secretly hoping on some nice weather for today.

Finally I'm in Sursee, where my school is. I just rode the train for about 2 hours, which is boring if you have to do it on your own. Thanks Eru for Imgur in those minutes.

First lesson First lesson

First lesson

Physic. Not that I do not like physic, but it is a rater tedious double lesson which takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I'm secretly learning for the next lesson, as I have a test.

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