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A day in the life of a couple of Sydneysiders

by Dec 27 via Android

This is immy, shes gonna be in a lot of these photos@ Here she is planning our little adventure.

We decided to catch some ferries around the beautiful sydney harbour. Its still the holidays so this isnt a typical day for us..but we like to go exploring the city on our days off.

coming into circular quay. There's always a big cruise ship parked up in there. Its almost New Years Eve so Sydney is preparing for a massive fireworks display. Theres people everywhere and its super busy

This is the Sydney harbour bridge..it will be the star of the show on New years eve.

And this is the iconic Sydney Opera house! They say it was designed by an orange enthusiast..it looks small here but that's just because im far away

This is us...back on the water and looking for adventure.

We took the ferry to Cremorne to have a little bush walk. Sydney is really good for its national parks. Its hard to believe you can be so immersed in bushland while being in the city. And theres so many walks to do around here.

We found this bush turkey who somehow managed to evade the christmas dinner plate.

The walk took us to Robertsons point lighthouse..we had some great views the city and immy had some great views of me rocking this ladder!

Side story: This is where the Japanese midget submarine snuck into Sydney Harbour during world war 2. They hid in the many bays and inlets of sydney harbour until they were eventually detected. The two man crew were found dead inside from self inflicted gun shot wounds after the navy dropped heaps of depth charges on them.

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