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A Day in the Life, NYC (sort of)

by Dec 6 via iPhone

I live in Queens so it's not technically the city. My apartment faces east so this is my view waking up in the morning. I would have to pay about $1000 more a month in rent to have the same apartment but with Manhattan views.

The first thing I do is turn the heat back on. I can't be hot when I sleep so the heat goes off at night. I also think the thermostat is a lie because it doesn't feel that cold when I get up.

I have a morning routine that consists of making coffee, browsing twitter and Imgur, and reading the news on my laptop. This is my collection of coffee cups since I don't like drinking out of regular mugs. The Anberlin one is my favorite. It is my husband's favorite band and I got him tickets to see their last two concerts in NYC a couple years ago. I ended up liking the band and getting a very nice mug out of it.

I live in Queens but work in the Bronx, so it takes me a little under an hour to get to work door to door. I take the subway. This building is the Supreme Court building (I think. Actually, I don't know what building it is. I am just guessing). I don't work here but they film a bunch of tv shows in front of it. People get married here as well so it's always nice to walk past to and from work and seeing the happy couples pose for pictures.

This is the Hall of Justice building in the Bronx. I work in criminal law and this where court cases are heard after arraignments. Criminal law is nothing like Law and Order. It is mostly all plea negotiating with an occasional trial here and there. This building was built a few years ago, but it is already sinking. Sometimes the ceilings leak in the bottom level courtrooms. It's a shame because it's practically a brand new building.

This is Sheridan Market. This is where the majority of people eat. There's lots of little delis and street carts, but this is the main place where everyone gets their food or coffee. Judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, defendants, witnesses, police officers - they all go here. It's always crazy busy at 1pm, which is the court's lunch time so I try to go a little before if I can help it. I usually try to bring my lunch so I don't spend money out. They have good bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

The dreaded subway ride home. I really like taking the subway because I don't like driving and I don't have a car anyway, but the NYC is the worst with delays. Signal malfunctions, NYPD investigations, sick passengers, stalled train cars. This is the 59th street station and it doesn't look too bad, but it can get so crowded. A lot of times I end up waiting 20+ minutes for my train. It's frustrating. This is also a time where I catch up on imgur posts.

Once I'm home, I usually have just a bowl of cereal for dinner and the husband makes a sandwich. Other nights I'll actually cook something. This night I made a tray of spinach stuffed shells. (More sauce and cheese were added and baked).

This is our dining room/living room. It's actually a decent sized space. We pay $2535 a month for rent for a one bedroom. We used to live in Brooklyn in a neighborhood called Flatbush where the rent was only $1100 but it was a terrible neighborhood with shootings, people doing drugs, roaches and bugs, etc. so we moved into a brand new building in Queens. In NYC you kind of have to compromise on things. We don't really have bars or restaurants that we can walk to, but it's super quiet, has a washer/dryer and dishwasher, is smoke free, etc.

The bedroom.

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