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A day in the life of a stay-at-home Dad (Melbourne Edition)

by Dec 14 via Android

So the title's a little decieving, I'm a freelance illustrator (a fancy way of saying unemployed) and a father. My Fiance works 60+ hrs a week, so I get to hang with this rad kid. Elliot is my daughter and she's a little older than 1 year.

The day starts with meeting Mum at the cafe next door to her work. Last night I was drink with the boys, so we met for breakfast (it was garbage but the company was good)

Ellie then takes Mum the two shops downthe road to work. I get to have one last smoke before Mum leaves.

Ellie is a strange one. She found the reflector from a push-bike and decided it would be a fun game to pick to up and put it back down - the important part here is that she's not making mess at home.

Mum took this as we left. North Melbourne has lots of old cobble stone alleys.

The rest of these photos make Melbourne look fairly overcast. We usually have 4 seaons in one day, but its coming up to high-summer (aka fuck you season), so here's a photo of my girls playing in the pool from yesterday.

Elliot is unimpressed that I stole the reflector off her so we could end that "game". She's just learning simple tricks at her age, sitting, staying, simple language. Then she pulls this look and you wonder whats going on in her little head?

This bad boy is our mode of transport. Snacks in the back, baby-wearer underneath, and the obligatory baby bag stuffed under too.

Elliot does not appreciate being put in the pram - but we negotiate and the bottle pacifiers her for now.

This sort of building is pretty normal for Melbourne architecture. Places like this exist all over inner Melbourne suburbs, and sometimes in the older areas of Sydney too.

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