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A day in the life of an Imgurian

by Dec 4

I decided I wanted to do a 'Day in the life of' and decided I would do a proper 24 hour period. This is when I went to bed. (I'd been up till then browsing imgur). Not super late tonight but I really need to stop doing this and actually get a decent sleep.

It's morning now. Each good day starts with a poop.

Morning browsing imgur and a bowl of cereal.

browsing more imgur.

It actually looks like a nice day out there maybe I should go outside.... I'll do it later.

editing some stuff and browsing imgur.

Lunch time just kind of crept up on me. I'm not super hungry so I'm just having a snack.

It's called puffed wheat.

Still browsing imgur. I should probably go back to editing some time.

Not much has happened since. I've just been browsing imgur.

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