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A day in the life of an American high school senior

by Dec 2 via Android

6:30AM Wake up to get ready for school. Takes me 20 minutes to get on my clothes, make my bed , and comb my hair.

7:00AM Time for some bekfust. The cereal in the pantry today was frosted flakes. They'rrrrrrre grrrreat!

7:12AM Here comes the bus! My mom's house is down a hill so it's a struggle every morning to get there, especially when you hear the bus's engine drone and you sprint up the hill to make it.

A pic of the inside of the bus. I'm a basic scrub and don't have a license yet. I need to get more hours in so I don't have to ride the cheezer anymore.

7:40AM Just got dropped off at school and the is what you see when you walk in the door. The doors of the school open at 7:30 and academics start at 8:00. This gives us time to hang out with friends and get prepared for the day. It's usually very loud so me and my friends go to the library and utilize the schools 3d printers to print anything from planters to model tanks.

8:00AM The tardy bell has just rung and most of us are in our first period class we have every day. This is U.S. VA government, in this class we learn how the American government works as well as debate current issues. I live in a rural town where pretty much everyone is conservative. This means that our debates don't last long as we all mostly agree on the same ideals.

8:05AM It's time for the morning announcements. I snapped this pic right as the pledge of aliegence had ended. This is followed by the moment of silence. Then our beloved vice principal ends it with his famous line, "and have a great day of teaching and learning PHS".

8:57AM Thus is my English class. I am in normal English which means it's pretty easy for me. We have just started an essay on social issues. I'm doing "why should man go to Mars?" I like spaec

10:50 AM This is my physics class. I didn't know what to take a picture of as the room is pretty boring. I love my physics teacher. He used to work in inner city schools in Detroit and always tell us stories of his time there. These include but are not limited to him catching a kid LITERALLY smoking crack in class to him witnessing a man get hit by a train. They are always weirdly physics related though.

12:27 PM This is lunch. I have c lunch which is the last one of the day. By the end of the last period, you can hear the stomachs growling. This is Ethan and Olivia, some of my closest friends. You will see the whole gang in part two as well as what my school lunches look like

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