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A day in the life of a hitchhiking vagrant...

by Dec 15 via Android

So I wanted to do a "Day in the life of..." post and yesterday I posted a thing saying I thought my life was to boring. I got some comments saying my life had to be more exciting than theirs. I wanted to share what life was like when I traveled the country to show why I think my life is boring. And this is is Northern California somewhere along Highway 20.

So I don't have a typical day in the life series of pictures. I hitchhiked mostly, rode a couple freight trains, and had a couple cars sorry short stints. I filtered through the photos I have from those days to give you guys an idea of what my days were like. This is the first thing I woke up the first couple years. Fish Fillet was her name.

I traveled for almost 9 years. I didn't usually stay anywhere more than a couple days unless there was something going on. This was most mornings the first few years. I drank alot. But don't worry, I always cleaned up after myself and then some.

A lot of the pictures have me in them which would be the reason that I saved them all these years. They're not in chronological order, but I did the best I could with what I had to work with. This was some mornings too. Shit at a gas station, drink some shitty coffee, and I'm using hand sanitizer to dry out some... probably poison ivy. That's in Franklin, Massachusetts.

And now that I'm all coffee'd up or beer'd up it's time to make some miles. Sometimes it would take 5 minutes and sometimes it would take days to get a ride. Took me 3 months to go 300 or so miles once somewhere between Sacramento and San Diego. That was a nightmare. Stuck in Salinas for WEEKS! This was just over the bridge from NYC. I dip chewing Jersey State Patrolman told me it was illegal and drove me over the bridge to the bus station in Manhattan.

There were lots of times I had to walk out of cities. Can't Hitch from downtown, it never works. Walking out of Boston in this on I think.

More walking.... Lots of walking. I was super fit. Rhode Island

Time for a rest after all that walking. Might as well beg for some change while I'm resting. The first few years I panhandled and then the last year's I sold gemstones and minerals on the sidewalk with my husband.

Sometimes there were cool things to do. Ran into a ton of friends at a Dead show in Boston.

Sometimes they passed out with their shoes on. We even did inside her ears and EVERYTHING. Somehow she didn't know we did her face and we sent her in to get coffee the next morning. It was a riot.

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