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A day in the life of me

by Nov 16 via iPhone

Hello, I'm a 13-year-old male from Sweden. Today I decided to make a "Day in the life of" post. So here's a picture of me walking to school. It started to tremendously snow the night between Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Ever since, it's been really snowy, cold and slippery outside. I actually slipped and fell last week while walking to school.

Going up the slippery staircase. To be fair, it's not actually that slippery.

Today is Wednesday, which just so happens to be the shortest (and least stressful, in my opinion) school day of the week for my class. The first class is German, which starts at 9:30. I arrived one minute late.

My locker.


We wear lab coats when we experiment with chemicals and such.

We experimented with acids and bases today.


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