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A day in the life of a lad from Northern Ireland

by Dec 31

Do we still do these? Dunno, did this due to this good post; http://imgur.com/gallery/GHxYn Also, no actual images from my phone because god damn my iPhone has a bad camera although I'll try to grab a few. Anyway, we begin in Glorious Northern Ireland but not just anywhere, we start from Newry!

This is my small corner of joy and part of my very tiny room. Ignore the messy desk as I didn't think to clean it before I took this really bad picture.

Yet again, ignore my messy room. But here is the other part of my room which has two dressers, a 40 inch TV, some items, Xbox One and other stuff. Honestly, room is a goddamn tip. The only part you aren't seeing is my bed. Probably should have just posted that instead.

Outside here is just a portion of my street, Parkhead Crescent. Real goddamn shithole to be perfectly honest with ya's. Look up images of the street for a really bad history. If you haven't noticed in the background those are mountains, which surround pretty much most of Newry, the city I live in. I live on a hill area, like most of the housing estates here in Newry. Parkhead was also built on top of a Graveyard which few people do state they have seen ghosts roaming around in their houses or in the street itself.

This is my younger siblings pet, Pancake. Cute little girl but god is she lazy.

This here is my amazing car (Not the actual picture, it's fucking freezing outside. Same colour though.) Got her a while back and passed my test on July Fourth. Nearly 3000 miles done with her already. Still, gets me to places.

This here is my College Campus. College over here is quite different than the US versions. Nonetheless this is a five minute drive or at least a ten minute walk from my house. Been here for nearly three years now.

A picture of me in my airsoft attire. Yes, nose is poking out. I haven't went in a long while but we have an Airsoft site in a Quarry which is on the opposite side of the town for me. For those caring, Russian Airsoft attire, not fully completed and most likely never will be.

A list of my many steam games.

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