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A day in the life of a South African teen

by Nov 17 via Android

Hi there, Imgur! I don't really know if we still do these or nah but I wanted to, so why not. I'm a 19 year old culinary student from Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa. I'm training to be be a pastry chef, and if you'd guys like to see what I've made, let me know! So, let's get started, shall we?

Good morning! This is my view in the morning. I wake up around 08:00 or so. I'm on holiday at the moment, so when I actually have to go to college, I wake up around 06:00. Also, cat one of four.

Time to make myself slightly decent. Before you question, this isn't an ad for Lush products, I just really like Lush products.

Cat two of four. She's shy.

Then breakfast! Also, time to Imgur. And mess around on my laptop until I actually need to do something. Breakfast is always cereal and fruit.

Time for a smoke! I don't smoke in the house out of respect for my parents. It's a bad habit, I know, but everyone has a bad habit. Featuring cat three of four.

I like to use bullet journals to trick myself into thinking I'm somewhat organised, this is planning my journal for next year. There's some Good Mythical Morning playing in the background.

Lunch! Just some hotdogs. I frequent YouTube a lot. I'm also reading Saga at the moment! If you're not much of a comic book person like I was before, I recommend this. Brilliant series.

Shower time, seeing as I have to go be social later. Again, not a Lush advert, just really into Lush products.

Cat four of four. He's the youngest and generally does nothing all day. As most cats do.

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