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A day in the life ... (urban Slovenia)

by Dec 28

Since these posts are so fun to read, I decided to write one myself, even though everything seems obvious and typical of the developed world. I come from a tiny country from the middle of Europe. And from its capital Ljubljana in the middle of the country. (Map courtesy of Antofaya)

First thing in the morning, usually a bit before 9, I draw open the blinds and when lucky (no proverbial fog), bask in the view. In the middle is our highest peak (white) and on the far right (hilly boobs) one of the goto hike spots for kilometers around. On the far left one can see the city center and the once highest building in the Balkans.

I don't have any consistent morning routine, but breakfast is a must for me. I don't think we have any remarkable traditional breakfast meals, but I eat something simple anyway, so it doesn't take too much time. While powering up I check personal mail and projects and fire up Habitica, a RPG-esque habit tracker (check it out). Yes, I eat this dry — to preserve maximal crunchiness! The milk is just to slosh it all down.

After getting prepped up, I head to work. It's the holiday season, so I don't have to work my ass off, but still, I have a deadline in early January, so better put in some effort now. This is the canal I cross from my part of town, full of ducks and aliens (nutria, river rat). Had the weather been better, this would have shown another good view of our mountains.

My trusty steed. Almost new, since my previous one got stolen. It's *never* too cold to cycle, we just have mental barriers. And it's a really good way to warm up and wake up for the day. The driving culture here is good, so you feel safe cycling in rain and snow too.

A look back on the bridge, St. Stefan's church and a curiously large bus station (I suspect it was the final station at some point).

Zoom in and you'll see a grey heron on the other bank — just follow the bottom stalk upwards. I got lucky. :) The banks get trimmed once per year, but there doesn't appear to be any pattern on what is allowed to remain growing there, so it looks haphazard.

Almost there, right in the center of the city. Great places to eat all around and usually busy with tourists.

Our small, but cozy office. I work in this non-profit: https://ebm.si/en/ and it has been a great (if taxing) experience with lots of unrecognized and taken-for-granted "outputs". But I guess that's a staple of the trade.

After working for a few hours I decided to go back to warmer pastures. This may look like a scratch post for giant cats, but alas, we have none and it now houses an overpriced parking garage near the hospital.

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