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A Day in the life of a Mechanical Engineer

by Jan 8 via Android

This a G&L 48" vertical table lathe, for reasons unknown it snapped a 1" counter balance cable, time to investigate.

I had just replaced the cross rail motor up there that drove the system with the questionable cable

20' up, then 10' down

The space with the hydraulics is only about 2' x 2', not much room to move around when you're 6'3" and 200 lbs.

Time to unhook the supply and return lines off of this cylinder, it is hard to describe just how pitch black it is inside this old machine.

After a good 6 hours of struggle, the hydraulic cylinder has been freed from its cast iron tomb. It turned out the cable in question slipped the lower pulley and was sheared by the yoke. Now the new mystery is how did it slip the pulley. TL/DR: OP Crawled in a dark hole and removed something broken.


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