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I'm an engineer y'all!

by Jan 12 via iPhone

I just passed my environmental FE! It's the first licensing test so I still have another test & some years before I can stamp approval on stuff but this is a really big deal for me. It's taken a long time to get here & I never thought I'd be smart enough to to pass but somehow I made it. So happy, just had to share!

Female engineer tax edit: I am really impressed by how many of you guys are engineers! No wonder you're all depressed & sarcastic! JK, but for real thanks for all of the positive comments and encouragement. You guys are awesome! For those of you just starting out in engineering school, it's not for everyone but it gets pretty fun. We need lots of innovate new engineers so I'm rooting for you! I have perfectly average intelligence so if I can do it, with the right amount of (borderline masochistic) work ethic most of you can too. Oh that and debt, you'll need to get lots of debt.


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