GIF WAR update 1. Correspondence by yours truly @lordofhouselurker. - Album on Imgur
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GIF WAR update 1. Correspondence by yours truly @lordofhouselurker.

by Jan 11

OK so right now everyone has teamed up. We are waiting for the big finale. On #teamPP we have @ih8myPP, @thund3rbolt, @moaguardian, and @freetrade.

@RandySavageisMySpiritAnimal realised if he truly wants to win the war he must recruit the queen. While @sarah may be an inexperienced GIF maker she is popular with imgur usersub, thus her very presence will rack him up-votes. So he gave her a call and made her an offer she could not refuse. The downfall of PP. Post with comments: http://imgur.com/gallery/MtO7G

After some consideration a decision was made

Imgurarians, yes it is true. @sarah has abandoned us, just like in the previous GIF war. However this time she has picked a side. Post with comments: http://imgur.com/gallery/7kc8Kpi On #teamRandy we have @RandySavageisMySpiritAnimal, @sarah, @bud467, @one1deuce, and @MycolTheFunguy

The Old Gang

The Old Gang

Now most of you are wondering what has happened to the old gang. Well from what I have put together these group of classy f*@"ers are in retirement right now. They have decided to sit this war out. @Drclaww @PettyOfficer117 @Clarkuga @jackamabob @Waddiah @SimplyMike

This is what most of us expected right. However another player has entered the game and he isn't messing around. Furthermore he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. His name isssss................

@AlbanB Post with comments: http://imgur.com/gallery/PVZaIPZ While the GIF @AlbanB made lacked exotic aftereffects, it made up in its content. @AlbanB decided to bitch slap everyone around and has tired to single handedly end the war. Him being the good guy he is also gave a obligatory F#@k you to @Lassannn But ending a war is not as easy as everyone thinks it is.

#teamPP is not one to sit around. Oh no. When they will strike back against @AlbanB they will strike back hard and fast. But wait......



Thats right @ANewBablyPhotoshoppedPhotoofMichealCearEveryday HAS ENTERED THE WAR. Post with comments: http://imgur.com/gallery/TEElu CEAR IS COMING PEOPLE.#teamcera He is prepared to claim the throne of Supreme GIF Maker of imgur as his own. Now we all know of the legendary photo shopping skills of Cera. He may be the only one that is able to single handedly win and end this war. What will happen only time will tell. Stay tuned for more. This is imgur new by @lordofhouselurker #gifwars Post 1: http://imgur.com/gallery/G1zsj


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