A Youtuber who really cares for people. This guy helped my mom fight her depression after my dad died. - Album on Imgur
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A Youtuber who really cares for people. This guy helped my mom fight her depression after my dad died.

by Jan 12

First time post from a former usersub lurker. To make long story short I had an excruciating year. My dad died in the middle of 2016 and my mum was never the same after that. I cried for a month every night holding my dad’s present for my 8th birthday – a stuffed bunny. But my mother has fallen into deep depression. I tried helping her any and every way possible but it was so difficult and it was killing me inside not to see my mother smile. I once saw a guy here who was so happy that he had a couple of subs on his channel and wanted a feedback on the gaming videos that he does. I subscribed to him. I was still feeling depressed but his videos made me smile .

He often invited people to play games with him. After some time I wrote to him and we started talking. In our next conversation I shared a lot with him that was on my mind about my late father and my mum. He listened to every word and started giving me some words of comfort and a lot of advice. After some time I asked him about his life and he mentioned that he was originally from Ukraine. The interesting part was that my mother was born in Ukraine and came to Canada at a very young age.  She had Ukrainian friends but after the tragedy she stopped visiting them. I asked Mark whether he could talk to her in her language. After getting her from the living room, distracting her from her favorite show and just simply lying that I wanted to hear her talk in her language I got her to my room and introduced her to Mark (on Skype).

The conversation was a little awkward in the beginning (not that I understood any words). And then something beautiful happened. My mom smiled and even laughed while talking to him. They spoke at least for an hour! I saw my mother smile for the first in 6 months! I cried from joy. Mark is a beautiful soul. On his channel he always tells his subscribers that he loves them and that he cares for them. He releases videos where he is trying to help people with cancer, homeless people and depressed people alongside with his gaming videos. He even done a TED talk (He’s been through some stuff that no one should ever be. I lost my dad. He lost everyone in war and nearly died himself). And now I want to help him. He did something that no doctors or meds could ever do – gave my mother a smile and that childish joy in her eyes.

I know what good people of imgur are capable of doing. No, I’m not going to ask you for money! No! If anyone knows @Jacksepticceye (a gaming youtuber)– Mark is a huge fan and he would love to talk to him or play a game with him. If you know any way to contact him or reach out to him – please help me get them in touch. I think that a great person like Mark should have a chance to talk to his favorite youtuber.  Thank you for reading this huge thing. I know there is still a lot of healing to go through but Mark had made it so much easier! Please help me make his day brighter! #jackcontactmarksterix or something. I don’t know how hashtags work. Mark's channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/marksterix Jacksepticeye - https://www.youtube.com/user/jacksepticeye


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