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Jada - The rescue who loves head tilts 

by Jan 12

Hi! My name is Jada and I am a beautiful 3 year old lady. I was taken to this scary place called the shelter after my family decided they did not want me any more. I was incredibly scared and confused – I thought family meant we stuck together forever. The staff at the shelter said I would not eat and had to be carried in and out of my cage. I was too scared to even walk. But then something great happened: SGSR came along and got me out of that place with the promise that I will never, ever have to go back!

I have been working to gain weight since I was all skin and bones underneath my fluffy fur by the time I got out of the shelter. So far, I have put on about 10 pounds in the past month and need to gain a little more. I live with two GSD siblings in my foster home. My foster brother is very dominant (I’m not sure what that means, but he’s pretty bossy) and I get along fine with him and take his corrections well. My foster sister is an SGSR alumni. She and I play together nonstop. In fact, we will even try to play when we’re in bed, so my foster mom crates us at night … for some reason she doesn’t like it when we start playing on top of her at 3am.

I go in my crate easily and don’t mind staying in there at night, as long as my foster sister is with me. My foster parents say that I am 100% trustworthy, so I get to have free roam of the house with my foster siblings when they’re not home. I have a medium energy level – I can run and play with my foster sister, but also love to just lie around the house at my people's feet. I absolutely love to be petted and would probably stand next to my foster mom for hours, as long as she kept rubbing me. I also like to jump up on the furniture and sit on top of my foster parents – the closer I can get to them, the better. I am such a sweet girl and have so much love to give!

Jada is an incredibly sweet dog, and would be great for a first time GSD owner. She is very easy, and you can hand feed her. She has 0 food aggression with other dogs, which can be a problem as she will allow them to shove her out of the way and steal her food. Due to this if she goes to a home with other dogs, she will need to be watched while fed, or separated. She would need a home with a submissive dog in it. She loves cuddling and getting her ball thrown. DUE TO LACK OF ADOPTION COORDINATORS, JADA CAN ONLY BE ADOPTED OUT TO NC, VA, and MD. If you are interested in Jada and live in the listed states go here to fill out an application: southeastgermanshepherdrescue.com Note: Adoption process takes time, but there are plenty of other dogs if Jada gets adopted.


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