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More crochet pokemon crap I made

by 5d via Android

Most current piece: tiny gyarados! After making some of the tiny first gen starters, I decided to make this guy in my limited free time as a wedding present for a friend of mine

Back view. The whole thing took me about 3 days of non-stop work, making up a pattern as I went. Super proud of him, kinda didnt want to give him away :/

Also a weird looking venonat! For the same friend, who commissioned it as a gift for her mother for Christmas. I guess she just got into pokemon go and loved the freakish puffballs.

The biggest pokemon I made, also as a commission, a "life size" caterpie. Its about 3 feet long. Took me two weeks...

Side view in all its glory

Chickorita! Went with a regular pattern I found online for this one. I do plan on making a smaller version in the future.

Laying down growlithe! Made this for a cute girl I met in college, but things never really connected, and I never gave it to her.

Used part of the pattern for the squirtle pictured further down mixed with another, more janky looking growlithe pattern. I liked mine better.

This one comes with needle-felted eyes too!

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