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A quick lunch-project: let's make a dead-simple utensil hanger

by 6d

I was fixing a sandwich for lunch and looked over at the coffee pot to realise that I hate those oven gloves (they do nothing when you're baking at 280C. There's some "steam" ove' gloves on the right that actually do work) and I'd much rather have a little rack style hanger to put up some commonly used utensils.

I mean, I'm okay with this drawer, I know where everything is (most of the time) but... I have half an hour, and I have some stuff left over from building a spice rack (http://imgur.com/gallery/lWpLZ) so let's build a quick thing while eating my sandwich, and if it sucks, all I lost was a break I was already taking.

I had some anchor brackets left over (when I say some, it's really more like 90) and some dowel rod, as well as more disposable sushi-delivery chopsticks than I know what to do with, and I think that's all we're going to need. First step was to cut the dowel rod in two, and then cut some slots.

coping saw + flush cut saw = reasonable enough slots for the anchors brackets at the ends.

Nothing fancy: there's two holes in the anchor bracket already, so I figured I'd just line up the rods with the holes, drill through, and then secure the rods that way.

And there we go: the chopsticks are bamboo and taper towards the tip: perfect to act as hole plugs.

A quick coping to size, and some gentle tapping...

And there we go, secure. The rods tried splitting but only on the side that'll be the bottom, so it's nothing you'll actually notice, plus this thing is only costing me about 15-30 minutes to make so if it turns out horrid, we'll just throw it away and buy an actual thing at Rona or Canadian Tire or something!

A quick coping and filing to at least pretend we care about. That dark line looks like a split, but is actually just a dark line in the wood. It's going to be the bottom of the hanger though so again... meh =)

Alright, let's mount that all professional-like. By which I mean "put a level on it, make sure it's straight, and screw it into the wall".

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