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Cousin thinks his art isn't good...

by Jan 12 via Android

My cousin, Nick, started creating artwork via request in September, selling via a Facebook page. On New Years Day, he told me he doesn't think he's very good. I disagree.

Nick's first artworks, even before he began the request page, were always drawn with lead pencils. This one was a face-to-face commission for a family friend.

He was constantly in trouble with his art teacher at High School for refusing to sculpt, paint or use anything other than pencil. This self-portrait with one of his heroes, Steve Irwin, ended up being part of his graduation folio.

Our family, especially his wonderful parents, encouraged him to continue working on his own terms. This was his final graduation piece and it got full marks, despite Nick neglecting his creation journal for the piece until the last minute.

When he started commissioned work, his brother's girlfriend, who is an art student at Uni, encouraged him to try out charcoal pencils. It went well.

The only comment he made about this piece was that he hates the hand. I love this one.

Nick admits that unless he is close to a deadline, he struggles to find motivation to work.

His most recent pencil piece shows his drastic improvement in just a few months.

As does this incredible white charcoal piece, that he has started selling prints of. Nick's page, for those interested: https://m.facebook.com/Art-By-Request-1093721494008228/

I'm supposed to leave some sort of animal related tax here, right?


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