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My Secret Santa delivered!

by 7d

Admittedly, I was growing a bit worried as time went on... but the following pictures will show my trepidation was all for naught...

Arrived after the coming of the New Year. An incorrect zipcode ping-ponged the package between a few cities about four times... but it finally got to me!

OH HOLY SHIT. REALLY?! Let's get this fucker hooked up!

You have no idea what this means to me! I have NES cartridges, but no NES console itself. My old NES got shuffled out of my possession a long time ago... but I still kept the cartridges. Why? Because...

No foolin'. This Taiwanese portable Famicom clone was my lifeline to keeping these cartridges from atrophy! It's a piece of garbage (the battery compartment blew out eons ago, so it's strictly a plug-in now.)

Let's give it a test drive!

Aww yiss. *BARF!*

A few days later, this shows up... my Secret Santa is FARRRRR better at picking out presents than getting addresses correct... this one's delay excuse was a wrong state on the address :P Let's crack 'er open and see what I got...

EIN! HELLLL YES! I already have an Ed plush, so this is perfect! ^_^ That's a good start.

This weeaboo swag is awesome, and the box itself turns into a goofy little space ship. THANK YOU SO MUCH, @BooBerryPi ! The waiting was worth it!


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