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Too old? Think again

by Jan 12

Sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie8eEJopUUQ I saw this video on YouTube today and I thought it was worth to share. Not only because it’s a 81 years-old man that plays better than I’ll ever do, but because I found it very inspiring. I know 2016 took with him many famous people and it was popular to b*tch about how bad it was and such. But for me it really was a bad year (I bet to many other people as well, not trying to compete) because among many other things I lost my grandfather. He was 94 and he lived well, he was very healthy until a small accident he had with 91… but anyways, the thing is he was always full of life, like this old fella (his name is Bob Wood btw). My grandma, on the other hand, was (and still is) all the opposite, always gloomy and depressive, always talking about dead and crap like that. Paraphrasing Yoda: always with her is “it cannot be done”. Especially now that my grandpa is gone and she is alone. So, I was listening to this guy, playing like a teenager and I was thinking “This is how it should be”. And is not about quality (this guy, mistakes and all, have tons) but about passion. Anyway… I don’t know, enough mumbo-jumbo, I think it was cool, hope you people enjoy it. TL;DR: If this old guy can, you too

Never let anyone tell you senior citizens are useless

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