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I made a thing!!!

by 6d

So, you're speed-swiping Imgur again, huh? Chances are you're [hungry, tired, bored, frustrated, lonely, anxious, listless, have just started pooping]. Something not great but also not awful (I think our parents used to call this: "being human". Weird.) But actually: app addiction is becoming a very real problem. Apps developers and app companies spent $$ analyzing and experimenting on user behavior with one goal: getting you hooked. And it's working.But average people don't have the money, time, or knowledge to figure out how apps are shaping their behavior and habits. And that's terrifying. So my team and I built something to help us all get a little bit of space from addictive apps. We call it 'Space'. g-get it? Space? (art credit to the insanely talented Antoine Geiger)

Space helps you regain control over your app behavior by unplugging you from instant gratification. It gives you a new app icon to use that puts a little breathing exercise between you and an app you need space from.

Behind the scenes, we use some insights from neuroscience and some machine learning to customize your breathing delay to your unique use patterns. If you're binging, Space adjusts. If you're using responsibly, Space adjusts.

Every week you have another friend who just deleted Snapchat because he needs to "just unplug". And more often than not, he's right back on. Because the reality is that these apps *are* tools: they do have a purpose.

But we don't need them to survive. They aren't our oxygen source, even if they act like it sometimes.

Sometimes we need some space from this guy

Or this guy

And a little room to Breathe. So if this sounds like a thing you might get value out of, give it a shot! It's one Imgurian's way to kinda fix himself.

Anyway, we're a group of guys called Dopamine Labs. We used to be neuroscientists. Now we turn coffee and IPA into tech that shapes human behavior. We work in a garage in Venice, CA and are trying very hard to not accidentally live out most tropes about startups.

The startup path is highly advisable. And draining. And magic. And cursed. And uplifting and empowering! And sometimes you want to die. OK. Often. Often you want to die. But it's a noble death, y'know?

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