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She also bullied us both, faked panic attacks, and manipulated all our friends to hate us, because she was so "traumatized" by what she saw.Crack in my blinds was so small you had to really stare for awhile to see anything and most people had no idea it was there. She knew exactly what she was doing, but all of our friends now hate us because they don't think she did anything wrong. EDIT: just to clarify a few things 1) Yes, they had already broken up when this happened. No cheating happened 2) We all lived in dorms at college, so there were no curtains 3) My room and her room were in the corner of the building, so she looked from her window into mine. Edit #2: Geez I expected this to be downvoted into oblivion. To answer more questions, this took place in a dorm (which is why I had no curtains). Full story since people say this doesn't add up: So it happened last year, when we were all finishing up our freshman year of college. I had what I thought was a great group of friends, which included my best friend (now boyfriend) and his now ex girlfriend. They had a messy breakup, and our friends stopped speaking to us, saying it was only until the dust settled and things were fine. Inevitably my friend and I got closer and a few weeks later decided to have sex. My roommate told me she was sleeping in another persons dorm room that night, so we had the room to ourselves. We leave the light on and get to the sex. At the time we didn't know that his ex decided to spy on us to see if we were hooking up or not. Our windows were positioned in a way that we could see into each others rooms if the blinds were intentionally left open. There was a bend in the blinds from when I moved in, but it was so small that we never thought twice about covering it. The next morning we woke up to find a letter under my door from his ex saying that she saw us having sex through the blinds and that we were horrible and to never try to win our friends back. We tried talking to our friends and they all sided with her saying we were wrong for what we did. Now unfortunately, wig the way the dorm policy works at my college, I was unable to switch roommates and was forced to room with the ex and my now ex friends this past semester. Fast forward to now, I've been dating the guy for 6 months and I finally moved out of the dorm and out of the situation.


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