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Another set of Walmart work stories. Prepare for biased hate.

by Jan 11

It may just be the area I live in, but parents never seem to watch or care where their kids are. We have at least 3 kids a shift come crying to workers cause they cannot find their parents, and then the parents scream at the kids and blame them. Kids are not sneaky enough to run all the way across the store without you noticing for fuck's sake.

No offense, but we are not allowed to hold, watch or take care of your kids in any way other than answering questions related to the store. We are forbidden to watch customer's kids for good reason. A kid falls and gets hurt, we are sued. We pick up your child, we are fired and possibly in jail. Parents constantly leave kids in carts, say "Watch him." Then run away before we can say anything. One woman, maybe 20 years old, tell her 6 year old daughter to walk over and hold my hand till she got back, then send her over and run outside. She was gone for 2 hours. We had called the cops and social services and when she got back from getting her nails done next door, she was arrested.

My store has a super strict rules for black friday. We have lines flanked by workers and police officers to keep violence and skipping from happening. It goes smooth almost every year, but we always have people who walk to the front of the store and try to go around the lines and get out before anyone else. We will put you in the back of the line and if you try it more than once, we take your items and put you out. I swear, I have no idea where people get this sense of self importance that makes them think they are better than everyone else and they dont have to follow the rules, but it aint true.

What you will hear more than anything as a complaint at a walmart is "WHY ARE THESE DAMN LINES SO LONG?!" And to be honest, they are a lot shorter than they used to be. Walmart did a mass hiring 3 years ago and almost all stores have 30-100 more workers than what they used to. I will admit, that some stores will have 5-6 people deep lines now and then, but you gotta consider people calling in, on lunch or who have just quit. Its not a consistent thing. On top of that, the wait on Self Checkout is never more than 10 minutes. Oh, and telling some cashier to "hire more people" will do nothing but annoy them. Its a corporation controlled in one building you will never set foot in. No one in the store you are bitching at can do anything about it. I had one man tell me to get him his own cashier cause he was not waiting in line. My reply was "Sir, you can get in line and wait your turn, or I can put your items back on the shelf. We value all our customers the same way." He shoved his cart into my legs and called me a faggot. He is now banned from the store and has assault charges on him that the store is pressing.

I live in a small, primarily christian town. So alcohol cannot be sold on sunday in city limits. Everyone knows this. So this guy comes in, drunk as hell. He tears down the plastic curtains that we use to cover the beer on sunday and gets a 24 pack. He packed it to the front and tried to take it through the self check out. Not sure if he thought no one would stop him there or he was just too drunk to notice other lines open. My worker calls me over to talk to the guy and I tell him the whole deal. He bitched and cussed about how he "aint no christian!" and he should not have to follow their rules. In the end, I took the beer from him and he wandered off into the store while I called the cops to stop him from driving in that state. Cops show up but about ten minutes before they got there we found the guy under a rack of women's panties with 10 empty cans of beer and working on the 11th. He smiled at me and said, "You gotta sell it to me now, fucker!" No. No I did not. He was arrested on public intoxication, petty theft and assaulting an officer since he bit the cop trying to take the can out of his hand.

Our management is evil. If you try to move anywhere in the store from a cashier position, they will lay bullshit write ups on you so that you cannot transfer. The front end manager never lets anyone move up or go anywhere else in the store cause she hates hiring. I heard her once say, "Its a pain in the ass, so I avoid it at all costs." And she means it. She will forcibly move people from other pats of the store to registers under threat of firing them, then use write ups to keep them in place. Other managers will do shit like change your clock in time for the next day without telling you or warning you, then laughing when you get it put against your attendance. When it comes to customers, however, every manager will give them whatever they want within 50$ just to keep from getting yelled at. Spineless fucks. They say that they do it cause they dont have time to deal with angry customers, but thats a damn lie. They spend half their time at work just standing around talking to each other.

We announced over the intercom 10 times a day every day for 2 weeks that we would be closing at 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. We had signs on every door. We had announcements on the local radio stations. It comes to 5:30 and we lock all the doors but one, which we have 2 cops and 4 workers at letting people out but not in. People cussed and argued and begged to get in, like their lives depended on it. A few people lifted the garage door we use for the cart bay and tried to sneak in that way, but we put them out. Me and 3 others were there till 7pm doing minor cleaning and getting everything ready for when we come back. At 15 till 7, over 10 people came in the door. They had pried it open and were walking in, getting carts and talking about how they waited too late to get their stuff. Me and the two cops that were still there with us walked over and every one of them got arrested for breaking and entering.

And a template for anyone else who wants to share theirs.


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