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Those songs helped me

by Jan 11 via Android

After a long period of time (3 years) struggling with depression, medical help, some people (who i can call friends now) and listening to a lot of different music (a lot of Gorillaz too) helped me go through that. I lost 30 kg, got my driving licence, a car, will start soon a new career : i got my life back on tracks. It was nice for a shortwhile... I had to move and even if i don't feel bad as i was used too, i'm so lonely. I always get the feeling that i will just be a bother if i text someone, trying to kill the boredom-show that is my life right now. Being and feeling alone is the worst. I have nobody to speak to, but you, Imgur. I love you all, you always are here and even if i don't post a lot and always get mad when you troll french guys, you are my other family and friends, the one who's always there. Thanks you, all. TL;DR : OP is alone, Imgur help not feeling too much shitty.


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