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I'm happy being married to my spouse but...

by Jan 11 via iPhone

Don't get me wrong! I love being married to my best friend but she is not into that kind of stuff like I am. I can't spend money on video games like I did when we were dating. I am so far behind on YouTube play throughs and newly released games, I don't know how or even when I could get caught up. I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS A NEW WALKING DEAD TELLTALE GAME!!! She's even bothered by how much time I spend on Imgur. I'm on mobile. I'm hoping I could get her into imgur since she loves the memes and gifs I send her when we are both at our jobs. Im not unhappy with my relationship with my wife, quite the opposite! I'm enjoying the best days of my life with her. But I do miss that part of my life. Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining. I just needed to confess my thoughts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for reading if you got this far. You're a cool bomb!


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