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Sound Engineer's Work Stories Pt.2 of many

by Jan 11

Soo I may deleted my last post without wanting to 'cause I'm a noob on this imgur thingy, but anyways. Work story pt2. (if I find the time and you want, I will upload pt.1 again.) There was a night where we were all packed cause a big local name was gigging in our venue. Support bands were really good, didn't make a fuss about anything, played without complaining for the small space given (the headline wanted nothing of their gear moved even an inch) and I really enjoyed working with them. Enter now headline, band is real craptards, guitarist way out of tune, bassist stoned as f*ck didn't hit a single note all night, drummer was always complaining about not hearing bassist, keyboardist literally getting all the job done. Left the singer for last, guy was ok in general except for a minor detail, couldn't remember any lyrics except from their own songs. They were playing song after song and he would always sing nanananana or just point the mic at the crowd letting it sing. No judgements though, just wished one of the opening bands would be in their position cause they really deserved better. Show ends and band's manager walks to me. BManager: You really f*cked them up tonight.I: What do you exactly mean? BManager: The boys couldn't hit a note and that's on you, I'm sure they couldn't listen. (I have to mention at this point that soundcheck was made this morning and all their settings were saved and not altered. Smaller bands played with another soundboard and smaller p.a.) I: Considering I didn't change anything except the things I was asked, I can't seem to have any wrong on me.BManager:That's the kind of attitude that gives you the wrong name in the buisness, take care from now on. I: You too, have a nice night (a bit ironically) Band manager asked my boss not to pay me that night and did everything he could to give me less to none money, good thing venue manager is a legit nice guy. Venue manager walks to me. Manager: He's a f*ck, don't even ask, let's get a beer and you can get your stuff later. Moral of the story: Music industry sucks and you either find out as a musician, or as a profesional doing your job. It doesn't suck cause players are bad, most of times I enjoy bands playing and have a good time with them, and even if they're not the best, it's still music, just enjoy it already (except some real craptards). It sucks cause some cunts like managers/P.R.s,A.R.s etc think that they can manage not just the band but the whole entire world. Music industry is just like any other, it needs to make money, so it has to sell, in order to do so they do not seem to care if their products are indeed good, they just have to be good looking, attract boys/girls and pack up venues etc. So it's usual for us to be told off by managers hearing the bands they manage for their first time and realizing what kind of bullshit they sell. They have to blame someone though, right? TLDR: Headline band sucks, manager never heard them play and blames soundman for the outcome. If you want more I'll restore the pt.1 and continue writing now that I have the time! (twisted my ankle and can't do anything else for some days) Sooo I guess, send music gear, kittens and boobs for the soundman?


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