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16 Terrifying Confessions From Psychologists and Psychiatrists

by Jan 11

1. Here are some stories I hope you'll enjoy!

2. I had a client once who was diagnosed with pretty severe schizo affective disorder. She believed her house was haunted and would tell me in vivid detail about a woman with really thin stringy black hair without any eyes. Just empty eye sockets. She said how she always saw her somewhere in the distance, getting closer. One night she stated that she woke up and the woman was staring at her smiling with this really wide smile in the corner of her room. Then she started whispering to her to kill herself over and over. She also claimed that that next morning she woke up and there was a kitchen knife on her night stand that she had no recollection of placing there. That was pretty chilling to hear. In one of our sessions she started screaming and crying, claiming that the woman was right behind me. She also thought the woman stabbed me in the head during this session and I was bleeding profusely. It was certainly hard to sleep after that

3. I had a client with intellectual deficits that stimulates her optic nerve manually by pushing her finger into her eye socket and touching it. The medical doctor that helped with the situation said the action causes an endorphin rush that she was addicted to. Luckily through some pretty dedicated behavioral therapy she no longer does it. Pretty messed up when it was happening though.

4. Not a psychologist but I work in a forensic psychiatric ward. One day a patient out of the blue punched a health care worker in the face. The victim was 60 year old African woman. Her nose was pissing blood everywhere and she was out cold in a heap on the floor. We dragged her out of the room and closed the door with the patient in the room. He got down on all fours and began to lick her blood off the floor. Was pretty creepy.

5. My mom used to do shifts in the Psych ward at the hospital. She once had someone describe in detail to her how he had sex with a fly. Another injected vinegar in their eye with a syringe to kill the alien that was living there.

6. I once had a patient thinking that he could see the word "hell" on almost everything and would scratch his arm so much that he bled and wrote the word hell on his arm with the blood... nope, nope, nope

7. I worked for a group home of adult schizophrenics. There was 8-10 of them at a time. One was a 68 yr old man who was committed since the age of 11, and had no outside contact over those years. We got him out of the hospital and he lived in the group home, but had major psychosis and visuals. Wouldn't do his business in the toilet, so he had pampers. Then one day we are on a field trip in a state park, complete with dozens of happy families. I take my eye off of the older client and next thing I know he is taking a shit on a picnic blanket two feet from the people who were using it. Their face was of pure horror, but I had an immense amount of joy since this was the first time he actually shit outside his pants. The picnic'ers were pissed but we had a mini celebration and from then on he used the restroom. My apologizes to those poor bastards who witness an adult taking a crap on their blanket while mumbling about spaceships and wolves.

8. My Dad works in a Psychiatric hospital with a small waterfall/pond in the lobby. I remember as a little kid watching and feeding the fish (do not remember what kind, they were pretty small). Anyway he had a patient that would literally spend all day just staring at the pond and the fish. Everybody was weirded out at first but then they got used to it. A few weeks later my Dad walks into work and for some reason glances at the pond and realizes all the fish are gone. Apparently the guy had been catching the fish with his hands when nobody was looking and eating them. We're talking about 40-50 fish, guy was talented.

9. When I was an intern, a woman came to see me with a new-born baby that she was carrying in her arms. She told me that she had taken a nap earlier in the day, and when she woke up, this baby was staring at her from the other end of the couch. She did not know she had been pregnant. She told this story with a straight face. I did not believe her, but I could not figure out why she would manufacture such an account.

10. Psychiatric NP, here. A colleague asked me to take care of a patient she was assigned. She said the patient was making her "uncomfortable"; she was visibly upset, but wouldn't elaborate. This colleague is an incredibly professional and competent nurse; she was an MD in her home country, and I'd never seen her this way. . . Anyway, I took over the patient's care and upon meeting the patient, he told me things about myself/family that he had zero way of knowing. Things no one would know. The patient did not threaten me, but I was terrified; I excused myself politely and managed to pass on his care to my supervising MD. Fuck no.

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