I've been super hyped up until the final weeks to pax. - Album on Imgur
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I've been super hyped up until the final weeks to pax.

by Jan 11 via iPhone

This is probably just me being socially awkward and what not but I'm super afraid of people saying "oh you're not a true fan" and "that costume is inaccurate." I'm afraid of being a target of some jerk that has nothing better to do than harp on someone. I've always wanted to cosplay but have never really had the knowledge of how to create costumes. Takes research I suppose but I've always looked at videos or tutorials and felt overwhelmed. So I bought a costume of a character I've always liked thinking it'll be a lot of fun. Now that pax is two weeks away, I'm super nervous and kinda don't want to wear it in public. I was going to be Raven from Teen Titans. Her costume isn't too showy or anything. It's just a whole lot of legs. Which makes me a bit uncomfortable but I kept telling myself that the cape will hide most of me. I keep talking myself in and out of wearing it. I guess the point of the post was just to ask if anyone else experienced this kind of thing their first time and how to get over it.


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