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Well that went well (longish story)

by Jan 10

I never have anything worth posting, so I don't. Today I do so here I am, signed up. I'm no push over and I love what I do. But sometimes things build up on you without realising and it takes someone else going "hey aren't you over doing it a little" to realise that you've become overworked. I recently noticed a similar situation here on imgur and thought I'd share the final outcome.

Story time! I was hired to transition an extremely large organisation from a system created in the 80s to a modern webui based system. They've tried to do it before and three people couldn't make it work. I was brought on for a very short contract to consult for the transition and I told them from the start it was going to be a hard ride. After 6 months, shit started to get weird.

Sometimes you're right

Sometimes you're right

It started off small. Flunky number two started picking out little things like coding errors in development (that had no bearing on anything live) that are normal in dev work and you fix up as you go became massive disaster causing productions that lead to lengthy meetings. This was (despite my best attempts) because the boss simply didn't understand how much time and custom code went into porting over their old systems and replicating a mature platform. Then it started to get worse.

After a while I noticed that there were long conversations going on via email about me and my projects without me being cc'd in, when someone accidentally put me in the the chain. Flunky number two had decided I was arrogant and demeaning, because I had "offered to teach [them] how to code, how dare [i] act so superior". Now, this person doesn't know how to code at all, they never finished highschool and often said to me that they wish they had a marketable skill. I offered this completely in my own free time to teach them how to do big parts of my role, so that when I left at the end of my contract, they might have a real shot at having it. Turns out they decided they wanted it without the coding experience and had been misinforming the boss about my activities and making sure that things were failing by lagging in reporting them or deliberately sabotaging code.

Flunky number two manages to convince the boss to give them a shot at doing my role in limited capacity and thus I am asked to take on some of theirs. Well, despite being a total jerk, they're only one person... mmkay I can do this. Wrong. After repeated failures at my role, flunky two convinces the boss to get me to "help them" do the work (and still keep all theirs). After a few weeks, they convince the boss that they're overloaded and I need to do all the work. Boss agrees and tells me that flunky two has too much going on. Get told its on me if it doesn't get completed on time. Flunky two hasn't even started... its due in 2 days. Flunky two advises the Boss that "the work could easily be done in two days time" despite knowing nothing about what they are talking about and the boss decides that I have poor time management and begins to micromanage my work. After rebuffing my bosses attempt to micromanage every part of my day, the boss actively got other staff members to "check in" with me and make sure I was doing tasks. Despite never delivering a task late and always delivering well before time, I was never trusted; yes I did talk to them about this they insisted that they needed this level of tracking. Eventually I convinced one of my co-workers (Flunky One) to admit what they were doing and stop "spying" (checking through my history and emails). However, the tactics changed. ps. still got that work done in two days (with heaps of overtime), Ithankyouverymuch.

I finally walked into my bosses office and said, that I was over being dumped with other peoples work. The above isn't the only example and its not just helping out (work places are a team, you always help out), sometimes doing everything they were asked to do because they refused to learn and the boss wouldn't let me train them how. That I was upset with the bullying and attempts to micromanage me. Boss turned to me and said, that's okay I think this is where you role needs to end, you'll need to train Flunky two to pick up your role. So I have asked the boss on what grounds ? Performance. Sorry boss, I've been here for 2 years and you haven't done a single performance management (not even the mandatory yearly ones) despite my going to HR and your boss. And entirely illegal in this country.. awesome idea. That's okay the boss decides to make my position redundant instead. Genius! I failed to inform the boss that I have read my contract up hill and down dale. They have to pay me out 3 months + the time left on my contract when they make me redundant. There was only 3 months left anyway. I signed the paperwork and handed it it; done and dusted. But wait there's more.

Despite being completely illegal, there is just one tiny hitch. The whole platform runs off of a whole bunch of custom code; from DOM manipulation to a complete set of custom libraries, or an app I built in a previous role that they use to interface with their legacy systems (of which I own all the rights to). All of which I built to replicate all of their functions. Normally, I comment my code, but I removed it all. Secondly, I informed them with a letter that they have 14 days to stop using my application or they need to pay a licensing fee. So here I am... sitting here at my computer waiting for my girlfriend to get home from work so I can tell her about my day. But you're all here before her, so you get the long version before she does. I don't know if any of my co-workers are imgurites, but flunky number two, if you are.

As for flunky number one, you owned up, I salute you for it and I hope we can still be friends. send kittens, because despite how good it felt to get one up on them.. I feel drained and abused and really over everything right now. Update: Gf is home and I'm eating consolation nachos (Eating you feelings is... at the very least, delicious). I'll be back to answer more questions later (if there are any more). Much love to all the support in the comments. Update number 2!! Okay firstly a few clarifications.- Heck no I am not perfect and yes, this in only my side. I am not the most amazing coder, person, employee in the world. Some of the things they did were vicious and contributed to my attitude towards everyone involved and I made the call to feel that way. - Flunky one is in a technical role, data not code. - Flunky two is in a production/floor supervision role. (they have been taught to program the operational parts of what makes the place run). Constantly pushes to not move to the new system and is the only reason my program is even still needed and has made boss^1 fearful of the move. - Boss^1 is older, and doesn't understand technology. They constantly have to be shown and re-assured. Im okay with this, its part of my job, but they constantly show that concern/fear by making rash large scale decisions that change the project. I don't begrudge them their decisions. The employee that was telling them these things is "trusted" they've been there for ten years and been with boss^1 through thick and thin. I do not agree with how they handled it at all but I see why they did. - Boss^2 hasn't been here since early 2016, is actually a decent person and apparently has been talking up my work and my progress with his superiors - The program is mine, I own the rights to it, it was open license for them to use for a year once we started to transitioned over. We still use it because they continue to push to use the old system for 30%-ish of the work (they really don't need to). - I am not that other guy, the program wasn't going to implode and stop their business. Yes I removed the comments in the other code, but there is a full manualised version of the code with comments already provided to the business, this was just to trip up flunky two. - The company (Well, this department) didn't do version control (backups for this department are just your usual windows backups), I had my own git for the whole thing regardless and everything was setup for handover. So I received a phonecall in the middle of the evening from boss^2 (if you hadn't read below). They apologised to me for being hands-off and called me the moment they had even heard what happened. We spoke for an hour about the issues, what had been happening and they seemed shocked. I was a little peeved that they hadn't been paying attention to my complaints for essentially all of this year. I provided them evidence of the code tampering this morning (thanks github and jsfiddle).. never leave home without your github people. This showed that the code commits were before the supposed lack of implementation was identified. Boss^2 and I came to a decision to license the program for a modest fee at a yearly rate. I am on administrative leave for the rest of the week to make the decision. I told boss^2 that I'm not going back to that office. There is a lot to think about. I told boss^2 about what I believed was happening and asked them to investigate. They are doing so. I am popping into the office to grab (the last of) my things before people get in and I'm going to spend a day mulling it over. Cheers to all of you for listening and for the support, and apparent hate :/ (I get it, it's the internet). Peace out guys.


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