I Took a 4,000 Mile Road Trip Instead of Taking the Bar Exam After Law School. Best. Decision. Ever. - Album on Imgur
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I Took a 4,000 Mile Road Trip Instead of Taking the Bar Exam After Law School. Best. Decision. Ever.

by Jan 11

*record scratches* That's me. After 7 long years of college, law school, and 1 AM closing shifts at diners and various restaurants I finally did it. I graduated law school. All I had to do now was study 10 hours a day for the next 2 months, take a 2-day exam, wait 4 months for the results, and then find a job. I, quite literally, went a completely different route. I took my motorcycle from Asheville, NC to Canada and back for a month-long solo camping trip. I logged over 4,000 miles and countless memories and figured I'd share some pictures with you.

This was my final route. I didn't use anything other than a road atlas and compass. These are the actual pages of my atlas in a shoddy collage format.

Laying all of my stuff out to make sure everything was accounted for. My trip was intended to be much longer and I definitely brought too much for what the actual trip turned out to be.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is absolutely stunning. I rode 260-ish miles of the Parkway on my first day. An Absolute highlight of the trip.

First destination - Richmond, VA and my amazing girlfriend. I got a new phone so we tested it out.

My friend had a Prince-themed birthday party. I was on the road, so we made a quick stop to some thrift stores to throw our outfits together.

A real picture of us. I got to spend the Fourth of July with one of my favorite people and her family. She's amazing and extremely supportive of me and everything I do.

Entering West Virginia

An absolutely stunning view waited for me right over the West Virginia border

I went to college about an hour outside of Pittsburgh at a small college called Slippery Rock University. I've been to Pitt plenty of times but never had the opportunity to be a tourist, so I made sure to be a tourist on my trip.

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